Thursday, September 13, 2012

cd artsy smartsy

(you thought i was going to say artsy fartsy, didn't you? TRICKED!)
[i want to be cool like husband and share some work that i've done (or am doing) in real life.]

meet stephen.
he makes music.
good music. and that's hard to find, you guys!
i've known steve for a long time and was thrilled to be able to help him with some art concepts for his upcoming ep:  five songs written by the soul of the earth

i thought it would be fun to go with a sort of storybook theme with simple line drawings and solid colors.

i really like how they've turned out.

the best part? i got to listen to stephen's ep early for inspiration and here's a link to listen to some of stephen's other demos.

click here!

(my favorite is "these double sided laser beamed robot boots")

if you live in utah and would like to check out stephen live, in person (and technicolor) - he's having an ep release show on october 12 @ 8 pm. it's at the barn (339 N 700 E, provo, ut) and it's free!
please come!

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